"We have some of the best shooting in Britain - and it's available to visitors too!" - D Clark, Glenshee


Field Sports such as shooting and stalking are available on many of the private estates in and around Cateran Country Eastern Perthshire. There are a number of gun and equipment dealers in the area and bodies such as the Game & Wildlife Conservancy Trust can provide guidance on sporting opportunities, responsible behaviour and measures to conserve and manage wildlife stocks.

Experiences for Beginners

The Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group offers 'Experiences' or taster sessions for anyone interested in trying deer stalking, shooting and fishing.

The half day 'Experiences' are designed to increase the accessibility of country sports and offer the opportunity to learn from experts in a safe and friendly environment. They are suitable for complete beginners and for those with some basic knowledge. Participants can expect to gain a better understanding of Scotland's country sports and how they have shaped the rural landscape.  The benefits for habitats and wildlife are also explained, as is safety and country sports etiquette.

Each 'Experience' offers an element of practical instruction with an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques with shotgun, rod and rifle. The Deer Stalking and Shooting Experiences offer the chance to try shooting at targets (no live animals are used).

For permits, equipment on hire, ghillie services or advice, please contact:

Kate Fleming Shooting & Fishing

Scottish Country Sports

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Stalking & Fishing

in Cateran Country, Scotland