Glenshee & Strathardle Tourist Association

Glenshee – The Glen of the Fairies

“ What is it that makes Glenshee so special? Not just its beauty – though that is undeniable. Not just its people – though numbered among them are some of the most colourful characters of Scottish history and folklore. It is special because there is nowhere in the world quite like it. It is wild, romantic, unbelievably beautiful, and it is steeped in history and legend. It has always been known as Glenshee, or as it is in the Gaelic, Gleann Shith, the Glen of the Fairies. It has never had any other name, and until the old tongue died out the inhabitants were known as Sithichean ai Ghlinnshith or ‘Elves of Glenshee’.”

……..Anthony Mackenzie Smith, from ‘Glenshee: Glen of the Fairies, 500 years of Life and Legend in a Highland Glen.’


Inverchroskie House,
PH10 7PB