Glenshee is a classic Highland Glen whose name translates to the ‘fairy glen’.

Glenshee is definitely rural! In its tranquillity and sense of space, it is the opposite of anything connected to urban living. In Glenshee you can experience the sight, sound and glorious smell of the moor where the breeze carries that special scent of Scotland! Another way of experiencing this is to buy some local heather honey – an ideal gift and souvenir.

Glenshee starts at Bridge of Cally and runs north to the Glenshee Ski Centre, offering the UK’s most extensive skiing and snowboarding facilities during the winter season. During the other seasons it is open to a wide range

of outdoor activities including mountain biking, walking and bird watching.
A selection of Munros are easily climbed, the starting point at 2000ft adds to their accessiblity This is also the

highest point to the Snow Roads and the highest road in the UK.
There are mountain bike trails, lower-level walks, rock climbing kayaking, angling, and even a golf course.

For more information, visit Glenshee and Strathardle